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Dr. Brian Albrecht, D.D., ThM

-Honorably Discharged from the US Army
-Received Bachelor Of Science degree in Business Management from York College
-Received Master Of Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary
-Lancaster Bible College conferred a Doctor of Divinity degree
- Member of the Board of the Irish Trust
- Member of the Board of the English Trust
- Member of the Board of the Bible Open Air Mission
- Chairman of the Pioneer Christian Hospital Executive Committee
- Executive Director of El Jardin Sagrado facility in Costa Rica
Greg Constable
VP Candidates / Personnel
Rev. Dennis Campbell
VP of Development

 Global Outreach Mission's
Board of Directors

Dr. Brian Albrecht - President
Rev. John Block
Mrs. Angela Duval
Mr. Elmer Friesen
Mr. Richard Gotthardt
Mr. Matthew Herdzik, Jr. - Chairman of the Board
Rev. Art Larson
Dr. Dino Pedrone
Mr. Dan Pennell
Mr. Doug Ross
Mr. Erich Rupprecht
Mr. Tim Widjaja
RIGHT place at the RIGHT time
Received so Far
$ 33,310
Total Need
$ 173,000