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AHOBAN Radio (India & Bangladesh)

Received so Far
$ 59,298
Yearly Project Need
$ 69,000
Evangelism is at the heart of everything Global Outreach Mission does.
The heartbeat of this organization is all about being a VOICE OF THE GOSPEL.  AHOBAN Broadcast is so much more than a radio program.  At the center of our ministry to the impoverished people of Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, AHOBAN is a daily broadcast following the morning news!  Each morning the Gospel is preached to people gathered around radios in the most unlikely places.

Listeners write in – enroll in correspondence courses – accept Christ – and some of them have gone on to become pastors and evangelists and are now a voice of the Gospel in their own communities.  The results are amazing!

Please consider becoming a monthly sponsor of a gospel outreach to these people.


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