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Bringing Medicine to the Congo

Received so Far
$ 430
Yearly Project Need
$ 50,000
Ministries: Medical
"We received came...we have help...the medicine has arrived!"

The woman who was shouting this had just run on campus shouting for joy.  What had come were some simple eye drops!  Can you imagine the joy of being able to bring even more life-saving medicine!  But we need your help.  Annually we need about $50,000 to purchase and deliver those medicines.

Dr. Joe Harvey, who has pioneered this hospital, recently said: "When you look real need in the face - whether spiritual or physical - it is impossible to just look away.  I cannot thank people enough who have made the miracle of Pioneer Christian Hospital possible.  So many have worked hard to bring this together.  Now we need medicine, and I am confident this need will be met."

This is Papa Gerard.  We brought him from his Pygmy village in the jungle to our hospital.  He has been completely blind in both eyes for at least 5 years.  We operated on one of his eyes.  He can see again!  When we removed the eye pad, Papa Gerard was in a state of shock for about half an hour before he finally managed to whisper in amazement, "I can see well now."  When he stepped out of the clinic, he started pointing at everything he could see, from the trees to the baby passing by to the eye building.  Our hearts swelled with his.  Thank you for making stories like this possible!


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