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Catch the VISION 2016 - Medical Clinic

Regions: Africa

The medical clinic occupies a section of a former hospital on the Mokanji compound.  This building was ravaged by war and we have completely rehabilitated the exterior of the 10,000 ft2 building.  One-half of the interior has been remodeled. 

The medical clinic is the only health center in the region and offers a secure and safe environment with running water and sanitation.  Each week we treat approximately 175 mothers and their babies.  In order to expand medical treatment, we need to equip the clinic with beds, lab and medical equipment as well as a cold storage system to properly store medication.

Your gift of $45 will complete 1 ft2.
Your gift of $450 will complete 10 ft2
Your gift of $4,500 will complete 100 ft2


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