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Catch the VISION 2016 - Reach More Students - UPDATE

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Regions: Africa


School Bell“As Christians, we have a biblical mandate to educate our children. Our Christian teachers go beyond just education – they shape character through biblical principles, seek to restore the moral fiber of the nation and equip our children to impact the world for Christ.” Pastor Joseph Moseray - Sierra Leone.

Students Shoulder to ShoulderAt the Kissi Town School, twenty students sit shoulder to shoulder, eyes fixed on their notebooks while Principal Joseph Amara helps them prepare for their exam. A year ago, this study session would have been illegal. Schools in Sierra Leone closed for nine months to curb the spread of the Ebola virus which eventually killed more than 11,300 people. Thankfully, the virus is under control and schools reopened in April 2016.

As the school year progresses, we at Global Outreach Mission and our onsite educators continue to face emotional and economic challenges left in the wake of Ebola. Even though the country has been declared Ebola-free, it doesn’t mean the virus is gone forever. In a country where just 75 percent of children attended school before Ebola struck, the struggle to have children return to the classroom has been further exacerbated by reluctant parents. An unofficial survey suggests there has been a surge in teenage pregnancies.

Principal Amara says, “With poverty levels high within our communities, girls drop out of school to become prostitutes for economic survival for themselves and their families. During the Ebola crisis child abuse was rampant and teen pregnancy skyrocketed. The parents became reluctant to have their children return to class; and the teachers were concerned as well. Everyone was pessimistic about getting the children back to school, especially in the context of us still having some Ebola cases. The issue is about avoiding contact and no one was sure to what degree the little Principal Amarachildren could be controlled and monitored. But there were also economic realities, during the same time, people had been unable to work, so even the parents who were ready to have their children return to school, had no funds to pay the tuition.”

Teachers were hit the hardest, low student turnout equals no salary. Our problem is: in  order to continue our Christian education program in Sierra Leone, we need to fund  teacher salaries so that our teachers will return to the classroom for the next term which begins January 2017.

Principal Amara said, “Before Ebola, our major Christian high school had reached the highest standard and we were receiving school supplies and support for some of our teachers. Now, however, many of our teachers are frustrated with how the government has handled the post-Ebola education recovery effort. Many of the supplies promised to schools arrived late or not at all, and the subsidies given public primary schools haven’t been enough to pay teachers’ salaries. The school had to take out a loan to cover outstanding debts. We are losing teachers because they can’t feed their families!”The Mokanji campus includes one of the many schools destroyed during the war.  Funding is needed before we can begin reconstruction.  There are approximately 300 high school age children within the area.  They attend a small school which will soon be closing.  We would love to complete reconstruction and open our school to accommodate as many children as possible as soon as possible.

Act Now! - Help a Teacher

There is a great need now for sponsors for Christian teachers. This can be addressed with a monthly gift of just $40 a month or a one-time annual donation of $480. If just 150 people will make this pledge, we will reach our goal for the coming year.

Each of these teachers is pivotal for reaching this generation of children. This is their only hope to get an education and learn about a loving Savior. Even non-Christians in these
communities understand their children need to succeed in passing the national education exams for this next semester. This is an unparalleled opportunity to share the gospel with so many!

Maybe your church, Bible study, or family would like to take up this challenge to help Principal Amara, and all the teachers grow this network of Christian centers in these communities.

Please pray with us that we do not lose any of these teachers for the lack of $40
a month.High School Dedication

Your brother in Christ,

Brian M. Albrecht

$600 would underwrite the cost of one student for one year.
$15,000 would build and equip one classroom.


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