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Food = Healing

Received so Far
$ 36,167
Yearly Project Need
$ 42,422
Being sick is scary enough but being sick and hungry is really tough.  In the Republic of Congo, this is a frequent occurrence.  Tradition holds that families must provide the food for family members in the hospital.  This is due to the severe lack of resources.  Without family members to bring food, many suffer from malnutrition in addition to their illnesses.  This problem sometimes equals the threat to their health from already being ill.

Dr. Joseph Harvey and his medical staff care deeply for the physical and spiritual needs of the patients; however, they simply DO NOT HAVE an adequate food supply for the many who come from miles away seeking medical attention.

Dr. Harvey envisions a Hospital Feeding Program which would offer nourishment to all the patients.  Not only would this feeding program alleviate hunger but it will improve recovery time, promote healing and impact the overall well-being of the patients.

"Our bodies are built to heal from the inside out and proper nourishment is an absolute necessity for the body to focus on repair.  We have the facilities and the capacity to offer healing to the whole person, integrating physical, social and spiritual treatment as needed.  What we need NOW is food so every patient can recover!"

To provide, prepare and ship a supply of food for one year, the estimated cost is only $42,422!  This will provide 84,844 meals over one entire year at a cost of just $.50 per meal!  Your gift of ANY amount will make a huge difference!  Your gift of $50 will provide 100 meals!

Thank you for your consideration and prayers as we launch this initiative to provide a one-year food supply for the patients at our Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo.

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