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The Great Things God has Done.  
Stories & Updates

To Give Those in the Last Stage of Life a Warm Loving Home

Properly caring for those who are in the last stage of life, giving them respect and love in a Christian home in undisclosed Asian locations...

The Hawa Story

Hawa lived with her mother - just the two of them after her father had disappeared. Hawa was told that her father went to the jungle to work his fields during the war years – all she knew was she never saw him again...

Ahoban Radio - Serving the Bengali speaking world

Ahoban means "Call to Worship" - but it is also a "Call to service". Read more about our recent trip to India...

King's College - India

King’s College is a holistic ministry devoted to the mentoring of future leaders in India. To this end, King’s College recruits socio-economically disadvantaged, yet promising, young men and women, aged 16-17, for two years of...

How God Uses Everything for Our Good When We Believe in Him (Middle East)

I have been living in and among the nomadic people in the Middle East hoping to bring them the good news of Jesus Christ. I had been visiting this one tribe for quite a few years. It takes a long time for these nomadic people...

Interested in Missions work either career, short-term or want to go but can't go?

Are you interested in supporting the work of the ministry but cannot go? Become an advocate!

Bringing Medicine to the Congo

In the Republic of Congo, at our Pioneer Christian Hospital, a woman ran on campus, crying with joy and shouting "We received came...we have help...the medicine has arrived!"

Catch the Vision

Dear Friends of the ministry, I recently wrote you about the incredible trip that my staff and I took. During the journey, I visited our Mokanji compound that was given to us by tribal leaders back in 2005. The tribal leaders...

Helping the helpless in India

We have an old-age home and a flourishing prison ministry. We are so blessed to have been called into His service...

Hope House - Thailand

Hope Alive Foundation was started by Jeph and Apple in 2011. This was in order to create a more effective foundation from which to minister to the Thai and hill tribes’ people. They believe that training young people, and...

Let's Work Together to be at the Right Place at the Right Time

I’m sure you’re familiar with the adage, “being in the right place at the right time”. That would be a good way to summarize the year we’ve had at Global Outreach Mission! To continue we need your help!

Mundane to Miraculous

We are just so excited about what God is doing around the are a few more of our missionaries' stories...

Food = Healing

Being sick is scary enough but being sick and hungry is really tough. In the Republic of Congo, this is a frequent occurrence. Tradition holds that families must provide the food for family members in the hospital. This is...

Aid to Aleppo, Syria

So many have answered the call and we praise the Lord for what He has already accomplished through those generous gifts. But there is so much more we must do...

Helping Dalits & Gypsies in India

We started in 1994 ministering to the Hindus and Dalits and gypsy villages. In the near future, it is our goal to have a Christian school for Dalit families who have come to know the Lord.

Village Discipleship in Sierra Leone

As one of the world’s poorest countries, its rates of infant and maternal mortality and life expectancy are some of the worst in the world. GOM has been ministering in this needy part of the world through the provision of...

Help Children One by One - Brazil

Currently we have accepted all of the children we can with the space and facilities available at our Father's Heart Orphanage Ministry. We desperately need to expand!

(WE STILL NEED HELP) Bibles 2 Africa

Over 40,000 Bibles have been given to Global Outreach Mission because of being declined to enter another overseas region. They are now waiting to be shipped to West Africa.   If we can raise the funds to ship the container to...

Did You Know that Leprosy is Still Around?

Leprosy is a disease that causes nerve damage and results in disfigurement. You probably know of it from the Bible, however the disease and social stigma attached to it are still around today.

Breaking Down Barriers

In today's chaotic world, people are desperately searching for meaning in their lives; they don't know where to turn. Radio is an effective tool to penetrate every barrier that previously existed...

Building a Ministry in Niagara Falls, NY

We came to Niagara Falls to plant a church called Destination Life Fellowship, not long after, the owner approached us and donated the building we were renting. What a blessing!

El Jardin Sagrado - The Sacred Garden - Costa Rica

My wife, Connie, and I decided one day to visit her sister and family in Costa Rica. We had spent many years in ministry working in Camp Chesterbere in Calgary, and Connie's mother had just passed into glory, so we took a...

Belize Dental Clinic - Another Way to Share the Love of Christ

95% of the people of the world have mouth or dental disease making it the number one disease in the world. In Belize, 65% of the population is 15 years old or younger. Most children have never seen a dentist in their entire lives!
RIGHT place at the RIGHT time
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