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URGENT NEED - Aid to Aleppo, Syria

Aleppo has made headlines again and we have missionaries on the ground ready to act, but we need your help.  We have a container already full of supplies which are already funded and scheduled to go. 

We have three additional containers that are also full of food, blankets, and medical supplies but we don't have the shipping costs covered yet

Here is where YOU come in!  Please prayerfully consider helping these supplies get to where they are needed?!?!

This is just one need.  As you know, everything we do is centered around sharing the Gospel.  We have access to bring in Christian Literature and hire at least five Christian workers to handle the distribution to those so desperately in need of HOPE.  Churches have been destroyed and most Christian literature has been burned.  Our connection can print and transport these materials but as you also know, everything takes financial resources as well.  Our goal is to print, transport and distribute 100,000 Bibles (at a cost of $5 each).  We feel so strongly that giving supplies without hope is "feeding a man for a day". Please join us in praying and supporting the people of Aleppo and those who work tirelessly to serve them.

If you can't give right now, we pray that you will share this need on Facebook and/or Twitter.  Thank you.